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The Kinetic Energy And Pressure Energy Of The Liquid Increase
Jul 12, 2018

The booster pump, as its name implies, is a pump used for supercharging. Its main uses are water heater boosting, high-rise low water pressure, sauna, bathing, etc., the uppermost water pressure of the apartment is insufficient, and the solar energy is automatically pressurized. , reverse osmosis water purifier pressurization and so on.

First, the booster pump is filled with liquid, then the centrifugal pump is started, the impeller rotates rapidly, the blade of the impeller drives the liquid to rotate, and the liquid flows by inertia to the outer edge of the impeller, and the impeller sucks in the liquid from the suction chamber. In the impeller, the liquid flows around the blade, and the liquid acts a lift force on the blade during the bypass motion. In turn, the blade acts on the liquid with a force equal to the lift force and the opposite direction. This force works on the liquid to obtain the liquid. The energy flows out of the impeller, and the kinetic energy and pressure energy of the liquid increase.

The gas-liquid booster pump works like a pressure booster, which applies a very low pressure to the large-diameter air-driven piston. When this pressure acts on a small-area piston, it produces a high pressure. The booster pump is capable of continuous operation through a two-position five-way directional control valve. The high pressure plunger controlled by the one-way valve continuously discharges the liquid, and the outlet pressure of the booster pump is related to the air driving pressure. When the pressure between the drive section and the output liquid section is balanced, the booster pump will stop running and no longer consume air. When the output pressure drops or the air drive pressure increases, the booster pump will automatically start running until it automatically stops after reaching the pressure balance again. The single air-controlled unbalanced gas distribution valve is used to realize the automatic reciprocating motion of the pump, and the gas drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The wetted parts are made of carbon steel or stainless steel depending on the medium. Generally, the pump has two ports of intake and exhaust. It can be called “negative pressure” at the inlet port below the atmospheric pressure (ie atmospheric pressure); it can be called “positive” at the outlet. Pressure"; for example, the vacuum pump is a negative pressure pump, and the booster pump is a positive pressure pump. Positive pressure pumps are quite different from negative pressure pumps. For example, the flow direction of the gas, the negative pressure pump is the external gas is sucked into the suction nozzle; the positive pressure is sprayed from the exhaust nozzle; such as the level of the air pressure.

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