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Smooth Operation And Low Vibration
Jul 12, 2018

1. The rotor of the centrifugal pump is unbalanced and misaligned. This problem accounts for a large proportion of the vibration problems of centrifugal pumps, which is about 80%. Factors that cause the rotor of the centrifugal pump to be unbalanced: the material is prevented from being uneven, the part structure is unqualified, and the rotor center line and the center line of the shaft do not coincide with each other to produce an imbalance of the eccentricity. Correcting the rotor imbalance of the centrifugal pump can be divided into two. Static balance and dynamic balance: generally referred to as single-sided balance and double-sided balance. The difference is that the one-sided balance is corrected on one correction surface, and the double-sided balance is corrected on the two correction surfaces.

2. Installation reasons: The foundation bolts are loose and the level of calibration is not adjusted. Before the centrifugal pump works, check whether the foundation bolts are loose or not, and whether the centrifugal pump is installed horizontally. These can also cause the centrifugal pump to vibrate while it is working.

3. There is foreign matter in the centrifugal pump. Before the centrifugal pump is working, check the inside of the pump. Due to long-term use, there may be some foreign matter such as weeds in the water inside the centrifugal pump.

4. Cavitation perforation inside the centrifugal pump due to prolonged use.

5. There are unreasonable conditions in the design of the centrifugal pump, such as the size of the part and so on. However, this situation is relatively rare. Before the centrifugal pump is delivered from the factory, it will carry out multiple inspections in the workshop to ensure the pass rate of the factory centrifugal pump.

Compact structure

Wide range of flow and lift range

Suitable for mildly corrosive liquids

Multiple control options

Uniform flow, smooth operation and low vibration. No need for special shock absorption.

Equipment installation, maintenance and repair costs are low.

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