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Regularly Check And Record
Jul 12, 2018

The pipeline pump is a kind of single-suction single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal pump. It is a vertical structure. Because the inlet and outlet are on the same straight line, and the inlet and outlet are the same diameter, it looks like a section of pipeline, which can be installed at any position of the pipeline. It is called a pipeline pump (also known as a booster pump). Structural features: Single-stage single-stage centrifugal pump, the inlet and outlet are the same and on the same line, and the shaft center line is orthogonal, which is a vertical pump.

1. Test work: Check if the connecting piece is loose; use the hand to move the coupling to make the rotor turn several times, see if the unit rotates flexibly, whether there is any sound and unevenness, to determine whether there is any foreign object or shaft in the pump. Bending, the seal is not installed correctly; check whether the clean No. 20 lubricating oil in the sealed chamber is filled with 1/2 cavity space; whether the pump unit surface is clean; the unit turns to no-load test.

2, manual start: pump (first time), slightly open the outlet valve, start the motor, the pressure rises and confirms that the pump group runs smoothly when the pump valve is opened to the working condition.

3. Operation check: When the pipeline pump is in normal operation frequency, it should regularly check and record the meter readings of the pump set ammeter, voltmeter, inlet and outlet vacuum gauge, pressure gauge and flow meter, vibration, noise, temperature rise, etc. Whether it is normal or not, there should be no obvious oil leakage at the shaft seal.

4, normal parking: close the discharge valve, so that the pump light load, stop the motor.

All or part of the flow can be split from the discharge line of the pipeline pump and led to the suction port of the pump or other suitable point through the bypass pipe. One or more flow orifice plates and suitable control valves can be installed in the bypass. Metering bypass is often used to reduce the flow of boiler feed pumps, primarily to prevent overheating. If the excess flow of the bypass propeller pump is used to replace the outlet throttling, considerable power can be saved.

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