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Compact Structure, High Efficiency, Easy Installation And Maintenance
Jul 12, 2018

The submersible pump unit consists of four parts: the pump, the submersible motor (including the cable), the water pipe and the control switch. The submersible pump is a single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump; the submersible motor is a sealed water-filled wet and vertical three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor, and the motor and water pump are directly connected by a claw type or a single-key cylinder coupling; Three-core cable; the starting equipment is air switch and auto-coupling pressure-reducing pneumatic device of different capacity grades. The water supply pipe is made of steel pipes of different diameters. It is flanged and the high-lift electric pump is controlled by gate valve.

The upper part of the submersible motor shaft is equipped with a labyrinth sand control device and two returning assembled skeleton oil seals to prevent the flow sand from entering the motor. The submersible motor adopts water-lubricated bearings, and the lower part is equipped with rubber pressure regulating film and pressure regulating spring to form a pressure regulating chamber to adjust the pressure change caused by temperature; the motor winding is made of polyethylene insulation, the nylon household is resistant to water electromagnetic wire, and the cable connection mode is pressed. Cable joint process, the joint insulation is removed from the scraped paint layer, respectively, the welding is firm, and the raw rubber is wound around the layer. Then use 2-3 layers of waterproof adhesive tape, 2-3 layers of waterproof tape on the outer bread or a layer of rubber (bike tire) with water glue to prevent water seepage. Submersible sewage pump, machine pump coaxial, compact structure, high efficiency, convenient installation and maintenance, economical operation, strong adaptability, its installation method is mobile installation and fixed installation, fixed installation is divided into automatic coupling installation and fixed dry Installation, mobile installation is also called free installation.                                                                                                                                    

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