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Jul 12, 2018

The jet pump is a fluid power pump. The fluid power pump has no mechanical transmission and mechanical working components. It uses another working fluid energy as a power source to deliver low-energy liquids, which is safe for pumping flammable and explosive materials. A jet vacuum pump is a device that uses a high-speed jet through a nozzle to evacuate gas in a container to obtain a vacuum, also known as a jet vacuum pump. In chemical production, the purpose of generating vacuum is often used.

Industrial jet pumps, also known as jet pumps and injectors. A pump that delivers fluid using the action of a high pressure working fluid. It consists of a nozzle, a mixing chamber, an enlarged tube, and the like. For smooth operation, a vacuum chamber (also called a suction chamber) is provided at the throat; in order to allow the two fluids to mix sufficiently, there is a mixing chamber behind the vacuum chamber. In operation, the working fluid is ejected from the nozzle at a very high speed, forming a low pressure in the vacuum chamber, drawing the liquid to be sucked into the vacuum chamber, and then entering the mixing chamber. In the mixing chamber, the high-energy working fluid and the low-energy transported liquid are fully mixed, so that the energy exchanges with each other, and the speed is also gradually uniform. From the throat into the diffusion chamber, the speed is slowed down, and the static pressure is raised to achieve the purpose of transporting the liquid.

The working fluid of the jet pump can be a gas (air or steam) and a liquid. Commonly used are water vapor jet pumps, air jet pumps and water jet pumps. There is also a jet pump that uses oil as a medium, that is, an oil diffusion pump and an oil booster pump, which are main equipment for obtaining high vacuum or ultra high vacuum.

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